We offer online mini writing workshops, begin to write boot camps and a 6-week writing course. All online at the moment but face-to-face workshops are starting again soon!

Mini workshops – £6

Zoom workshop

A 45 minute creative writing workshop taking you through three short and snappy creative writing exercises. It’s designed to be done one-handed around childcare, while simultaneously breastfeeding/changing nappies/crying in to your tea/writing on the wall and screaming out the window.

Begin to write bootcamp – £15

Online at Do It Like A Mother HQ

Explore the basics of writing fiction and start writing a story of your own. The online workshop is designed for tired brains and multi-tasking mums, so come as you are and embrace the chaos (even turn your camera off if you prefer!)

Begin to Write boot camp for Lewisham mums – £10

Online with Spread the Word

A baby-friendly writing workshop for Lewisham-based mums through London’s writer development agency Spread the Word. Get creative, meet new mums and begin to write a short story while snuggling with their baby. 5 free bursary places are available people who are on a low income, people of colour, disabled people, people who identify as LGBTQIA+ or working-class people.

When you’re a new parent, you get used to saying, ‘I can’t do that any more.’ So, to be able to say ‘I’ve done something new and amazing that I’ve never done before’ was a huge, unexpected gift. It made me feel more myself, more empowered and it’s got me to trust my instincts a bit more.

— Cathy Gomez, Mummy Writes participant

Mummy Writes helped to reignite my dreams and realise it’s possible to be creative and learn new skills even in the sleep deprived state of being a new mum.

— Sara, Mummy Writes participant